hi, i´m new in here and i would like to build my own 3D

(Kevin Okon) #1

i´m new in here and i would like to build my own 3D -printer.
can anybody tell me where i can find some instructions to build the quadrap 3d printer?

thans a lot :slight_smile:

(Mauro Manco) #2

Hi Kevin. .tomorrow give you more info for now welcome in community.

(Kevin Okon) #3

Okay perfect thank you

(Mauro Manco) #4

ok surely we have read newbie pin post.
have just take idea of qr you want mount?
we can uses different type of carriage and profile depend of region. but mounting are really simple after mount frame.

last version are :
#QRV2 where just publish 3d model but not complete test
#QR14 is lightest version of QR use simple item common in any country but need little wait onyl for wheels.

in right info of community on PC version have all documentation how make frame and 3d model to undestand better how mount part.

If you have idea of your qr want mount can help more you.

(Kevin Okon) #5

okay thanks for the help.
last time i saw the quadrap 3D printer tutorial is the tutorial up to date?
where can i find the how to´s ?

(Kevin Okon) #6

do you have any technical drawings for the construction?

(Mauro Manco) #7

All 3d model are complete…document of strap version are removed for reduce caos because is really old solution. All design you find in links in document of comunity are complete. …for time you write I think life in over ocean state good solution for you are mix with openbuils

(Mauro Manco) #8

If you live in USA …you need take some square profile and 4 vslot 500 16 v wheels for carriage and Z. . And a print service or friend for print carriage

(Mauro Manco) #9

Make holes as described in slide how use qr helper …after mount as described in slide how make qr frame… mount motor carriage and cord…and structure are complete…

(Kevin Okon) #10

okay thank your for the help :slight_smile:
I´m from germany :slight_smile:
I would like to build this one: