Hi, I just bought a new K40.


I just bought a new K40. Done the beam set-up, it is perfectly in-the-middle focus. The issue: The engraving started, moving the head and seems follow the design, but no laser beam. BUT: the TEST button perfectly firing! The pot perfectly adjust the level. The cooling water flowing and 20 degree Celsius. Looks everything is in the right order - except no laser beam during the procedure. Please HELP!

Make sure you have the enable switch enabled.

@HalfNormal Yes, it is perfectly ON.

what software are you using?

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Make sure the connection from the controller board to the power supply is good.

It seems like you’re not getting a signal from the controller board to the power supply to fire

Just test the cable from the control board to PSU with a multimeter, it is OK. You are right I believe. Would you think I need to change the control panel? Or chasig after where the signal lost?

Someone else had a similar problem recently. It was actually a bad solder joint on the power supply side. Check out donsblogspot, he has some great troubleshooting ideas there and power supply information.

Thanks a lot for your very useful posts!

I don’t quite remember what if mine followed the same problem, but the magnetic switch in the water interrupt unit was bad.

Thanks, the magnetic valve was unchecked. But obviously the water flow perfectly so ignored this and have no idea this sensor even exist. Looking after now, thanx again.

My machine have no water sensor. It seems the control board or the main unit have some issue.

@HalfNormal Thanks, but this case the issue are more deper and technical, and an old joke not fit.