Hi i have one thing I cant figure out now.

Hi i have one thing I cant figure out now. How do I programme the Tinyg with the following code which I have in a notepad file - I copied and pasted to the serial port command line in Chilipper and I am unsure if this is the correct way of doing it. Any assistance for a newby would be great. Cheers KYm

[fb] firmware build 440.18
[fv] firmware version 0.97
[hp] hardware platform 1.00
[hv] hardware version 8.00
[id] TinyG ID 2X2660-FHV
[ja] junction acceleration 100000 mm
[ct] chordal tolerance 0.0100 mm
[sl] soft limit enable 0
[st] switch type 0 [0=NO,1=NC]
[mt] motor idle timeout 2.00 Sec
[ej] enable json mode 0 [0=text,1=JSON]
[jv] json verbosity 4 [0=silent,1=footer,2=messages,3=configs,4=linenum,5=verbose]
[js] json serialize style 1 [0=relaxed,1=strict]
[tv] text verbosity 1 [0=silent,1=verbose]
[qv] queue report verbosity 1 [0=off,1=single,2=triple]
[sv] status report verbosity 1 [0=off,1=filtered,2=verbose]
[si] status interval 250 ms
[ec] expand LF to CRLF on TX 0 [0=off,1=on]
[ee] enable echo 0 [0=off,1=on]
[ex] enable flow control 1 [0=off,1=XON/XOFF, 2=RTS/CTS]
[baud] USB baud rate 5 [1=9600,2=19200,3=38400,4=57600,5=115200,6=230400]
[net] network mode 0 [0=master]
[gpl] default gcode plane 0 [0=G17,1=G18,2=G19]
[gun] default gcode units mode 1 [0=G20,1=G21]
[gco] default gcode coord system 1 [1-6 (G54-G59)]
[gpa] default gcode path control 2 [0=G61,1=G61.1,2=G64]
[gdi] default gcode distance mode 0 [0=G90,1=G91]
[1ma] m1 map to axis 0 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z…]
[1sa] m1 step angle 1.800 deg
[1tr] m1 travel per revolution 40.0000 mm
[1mi] m1 microsteps 8 [1,2,4,8]
[1po] m1 polarity 1 [0=normal,1=reverse]
[1pm] m1 power management 2 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
[2ma] m2 map to axis 1 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z…]
[2sa] m2 step angle 1.800 deg
[2tr] m2 travel per revolution 40.0000 mm
[2mi] m2 microsteps 8 [1,2,4,8]
[2po] m2 polarity 0 [0=normal,1=reverse]
[2pm] m2 power management 2 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
[3ma] m3 map to axis 1 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z…]
[3sa] m3 step angle 1.800 deg
[3tr] m3 travel per revolution 40.0000 mm
[3mi] m3 microsteps 4 [1,2,4,8]
[3po] m3 polarity 1 [0=normal,1=reverse]
[3pm] m3 power management 2 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
[4ma] m4 map to axis 2 [0=X,1=Y,2=Z…]
[4sa] m4 step angle 1.800 deg
[4tr] m4 travel per revolution 2.1170 mm
[4mi] m4 microsteps 2 [1,2,4,8]
[4po] m4 polarity 0 [0=normal,1=reverse]
[4pm] m4 power management 2 [0=disabled,1=always on,2=in cycle,3=when moving]
[xam] x axis mode 1 [standard]
[xvm] x velocity maximum 8000 mm/min
[xfr] x feedrate maximum 8000 mm/min
[xtn] x travel minimum 0.000 mm
[xtm] x travel maximum 280.000 mm
[xjm] x jerk maximum 4000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[xjh] x jerk homing 40 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[xjd] x junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
[xsn] x switch min 3 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[xsx] x switch max 2 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[xsv] x search velocity 3000 mm/min
[xlv] x latch velocity 100 mm/min
[xlb] x latch backoff 10.000 mm
[xzb] x zero backoff 3.000 mm
[yam] y axis mode 1 [standard]
[yvm] y velocity maximum 8000 mm/min
[yfr] y feedrate maximum 8000 mm/min
[ytn] y travel minimum 0.000 mm
[ytm] y travel maximum 280.000 mm
[yjm] y jerk maximum 4000 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[yjh] y jerk homing 40 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[yjd] y junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
[ysn] y switch min 3 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[ysx] y switch max 2 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[ysv] y search velocity 3000 mm/min
[ylv] y latch velocity 100 mm/min
[ylb] y latch backoff 10.000 mm
[yzb] y zero backoff 3.000 mm
[zam] z axis mode 1 [standard]
[zvm] z velocity maximum 800 mm/min
[zfr] z feedrate maximum 800 mm/min
[ztn] z travel minimum 0.000 mm
[ztm] z travel maximum 75.000 mm
[zjm] z jerk maximum 100 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[zjh] z jerk homing 40 mm/min^3 * 1 million
[zjd] z junction deviation 0.0100 mm (larger is faster)
[zsn] z switch min 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[zsx] z switch max 1 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[zsv] z search velocity 400 mm/min
[zlv] z latch velocity 100 mm/min
[zlb] z latch backoff 10.000 mm
[zzb] z zero backoff 3.000 mm
[aam] a axis mode 0 [disabled]
[avm] a velocity maximum 230400 deg/min
[afr] a feedrate maximum 230400 deg/min
[atn] a travel minimum -1.000 deg
[atm] a travel maximum -1.000 deg
[ajm] a jerk maximum 5760 deg/min^3 * 1 million
[ajh] a jerk homing 11520 deg/min^3 * 1 million
[ajd] a junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
[ara] a radius value 0.1990 deg
[asn] a switch min 1 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[asx] a switch max 0 [0=off,1=homing,2=limit,3=limit+homing]
[asv] a search velocity 600 deg/min
[alv] a latch velocity 100 deg/min
[alb] a latch backoff 5.000 deg
[azb] a zero backoff 2.000 deg
[bam] b axis mode 0 [disabled]
[bvm] b velocity maximum 3600 deg/min
[bfr] b feedrate maximum 3600 deg/min
[btn] b travel minimum -1.000 deg
[btm] b travel maximum -1.000 deg
[bjm] b jerk maximum 20 deg/min^3 * 1 million
[bjd] b junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
[bra] b radius value 1.0000 deg
[cam] c axis mode 0 [disabled]
[cvm] c velocity maximum 3600 deg/min
[cfr] c feedrate maximum 3600 deg/min
[ctn] c travel minimum -1.000 deg
[ctm] c travel maximum -1.000 deg
[cjm] c jerk maximum 20 deg/min^3 * 1 million
[cjd] c junction deviation 0.0500 deg (larger is faster)
[cra] c radius value 1.0000 deg
[p1frq] pwm frequency 3500 Hz
[p1csl] pwm cw speed lo 4500 RPM
[p1csh] pwm cw speed hi 13000 RPM
[p1cpl] pwm cw phase lo 0.000 [0…1]
[p1cph] pwm cw phase hi 1.000 [0…1]
[p1wsl] pwm ccw speed lo 1000 RPM
[p1wsh] pwm ccw speed hi 2000 RPM
[p1wpl] pwm ccw phase lo 0.125 [0…1]
[p1wph] pwm ccw phase hi 0.200 [0…1]
[p1pof] pwm phase off 0.000 [0…1]
[g54x] g54 x offset 0.000 mm
[g54y] g54 y offset 0.000 mm
[g54z] g54 z offset 0.000 mm
[g54a] g54 a offset 0.000 deg
[g54b] g54 b offset 0.000 deg
[g54c] g54 c offset 0.000 deg
[g55x] g55 x offset 75.000 mm
[g55y] g55 y offset 75.000 mm
[g55z] g55 z offset 0.000 mm
[g55a] g55 a offset 0.000 deg
[g55b] g55 b offset 0.000 deg
[g55c] g55 c offset 0.000 deg
[g56x] g56 x offset 0.000 mm
[g56y] g56 y offset 0.000 mm
[g56z] g56 z offset 0.000 mm
[g56a] g56 a offset 0.000 deg
[g56b] g56 b offset 0.000 deg
[g56c] g56 c offset 0.000 deg
[g57x] g57 x offset 0.000 mm
[g57y] g57 y offset 0.000 mm
[g57z] g57 z offset 0.000 mm
[g57a] g57 a offset 0.000 deg
[g57b] g57 b offset 0.000 deg
[g57c] g57 c offset 0.000 deg
[g58x] g58 x offset 0.000 mm
[g58y] g58 y offset 0.000 mm
[g58z] g58 z offset 0.000 mm
[g58a] g58 a offset 0.000 deg
[g58b] g58 b offset 0.000 deg
[g58c] g58 c offset 0.000 deg
[g59x] g59 x offset 0.000 mm
[g59y] g59 y offset 0.000 mm
[g59z] g59 z offset 0.000 mm
[g59a] g59 a offset 0.000 deg
[g59b] g59 b offset 0.000 deg
[g59c] g59 c offset 0.000 deg
[g92x] g92 x offset 0.000 mm
[g92y] g92 y offset 0.000 mm
[g92z] g92 z offset 0.000 mm
[g92a] g92 a offset 0.000 deg
[g92b] g92 b offset 0.000 deg
[g92c] g92 c offset 0.000 deg
[g28x] g28 x position 0.000 mm
[g28y] g28 y position 0.000 mm
[g28z] g28 z position 0.000 mm
[g28a] g28 a position 0.000 deg
[g28b] g28 b position 0.000 deg
[g28c] g28 c position 0.000 deg
[g30x] g30 x position 0.000 mm
[g30y] g30 y position 0.000 mm
[g30z] g30 z position 0.000 mm
[g30a] g30 a position 0.000 deg
[g30b] g30 b position 0.000 deg
[g30c] g30 c position 0.000 deg

Send key - value pairs as json.
Or edit the settings.h file and recompile the firmware then reflash.

Hi Justin - i am new to this - am not sure how to follow your instructions. Have you got a cheat sheet that could step me through it? Thankyou for your help. Kym

I’m afraid not @Kym_Nelson ​. Somebody else may well do however. But just so you know json looks like {key:value, key2value2}

There is also the ability to input some of the config into a webform and upload it automatically. Look in the tinyg interface widget on the right of the screen.

Ok thanks Justin I will have a go…

I think i need someone to remote access my computer - if you can let me know. thanks again…

Tell us about your mill @Kym_Nelson ​? What type of axis motion control do you have? Belts or screws? And what tooth spacing if belts, what pitch if screws?

Hi Justin - mill uses belts and screw for z axis - I purchased it already built. Still cant work out how to input the coding I have onto the Tinyg. I have tried Coolterm which I connect to Tinyg and then I input $$ but get no response from Coolterm - no lights flashing - I have all the settings correct. Not sure what to do now?
Thanks for helping. Kym


So on the z axis what is the lead screw pitch?

And on the x and y axis what is the belt tooth pitch?

If you are certain you have the settings correct then either you need to recompile the firmware with the new settings file or you can input some of the settings via CPs setting screen on the cnc controller widget. It is a GUI so you may be more comfortable with that.

thankyou - i will have a go at that…

Hi Justin I can now read the Tingy from Coolterm. I get errors when I try and copy the new text file with new coding. If i type say $1sa=1.8 and enter into Coolterm and send this code does it overide what ever is coded on the TinygV8 now and stay there permanently until altered? Cheers Kym

It overrides until the tinyg is reset yes.

Thanks for you help

Hi @Justin_Adie , all fixed - Ive learnt heaps about it now so shouldnt have a problem going forward. Now I can get onto my projects. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Cheers Kym

well done!