Hi, I have been looking at this group and youtube videos for a while

Hi, I have been looking at this group and youtube videos for a while and I am getting more and more interested. I have done a few 3D models with Maya in the past, I have worked with a vinyl cutter. I have made electronic circuits in the past, I have good manual skills, I am very confident I understand many of the base principles and could get the hang of it fast enough.

Now my big question !
Since I am extremely limited on $, what would be the DIY model that has the least expensive most expensive part to buy?

Hmmmmm, hard to phrase that, let me try again. What is the most expensive part, and it’s price that someone may have to buy?

I forgot to mention I live in Quebec, Canada

Probably the Prusa I3 is the easiest to build yourself. Total parts cost is about 500$. You can shave off between 50 and 150 off that if you find someone that will print you the parts needed, and if you can make your own electronics (but it will be very time consuming).

Ok, Time will not be a matter, I have to save $, I would like to know what is the most expensive part to buy during the building process (Motors, electronics, extruder)?

Electronics are the most expensive at about 150$ (including the motor drivers). After that the hotend is between 70 and 100, motors are about 15$ each (need 4), printed parts on ebay go for about $50. Now add shipping and taxes.


I suggest looking if there is a Hackerspace close to where you live. Most have 3D printers and would be happy to teach you all about it.

@Shachar_Weis I am very happy that you guessed the estimated costs for the prusa with 500$. That means that my expectation of 600$ are quite realistic. :slight_smile:

Where in Quebec do you live? I know Voxel Factory is situated in downtown Montreal, and they have almost everything asides from printed parts, but they could probably print them for you if you asked.

Gatineau Quebec, near Ottawa

no hackerspace or fablab near you where you could maybe get the printed parts cheaper?

And about the electronics, you don’t have to go for the high-end stuff imho, you can get quite cheap motor-drivers/stepper motors via eBay. Or ask @Tiger_Huang - he owns a stepper factory. Get 2 or 3 of your friends to build a 3d Printer too - everyone orders 4 Steppers + Drivers and you can get the minimum of 25 together.