Hi! I have a strip of 25 ws2801 LEDs that I used in an

(Nico Zaballa) #1


I have a strip of 25 ws2801 LEDs that I used in an ambilight project for my computer.
Since a couple of years I changed it, and now those 25 LEDs are my Christmas tree lights, however, just 25, even being big a very bright seems to be too few.
I wanted to add another strip, however, WS5801 are so expensive, I would like to buy something cheaper (maybe 2812?)
But I want to chain both strips with the same arduino (I have an arduino mega and an arduino nano) and they should act like just one strip. Can I do that? I know I can control more than one strip independently with the same controller, but some DIFFERENT strips?
Keep in mind that the one I already have is WS2801, which needs spi o at least one more pin than other strips.

I want something like the “One array, many strips” example here: https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/Multiple-Controller-Examples#one-array-many-strips but with different kinds of strips. Can I do it?
I would use different power sources for each strip, I would just need to connect both grounds and nothing else, right?

Thanks in advance!!

(Marc Miller) #2

Yes, should work even with different types. You’re on the right track!