Hi, I have 24 hrs.

Hi, I have 24 hrs. to figure out a way to address only a range of the NeoPixels in a ring. I’m using a Photon controller and the library for CRGBSet is not available yet there. The ranges are variables, so the starting points and number of pixels are based on data from JSON. So, is there a workaround anyone can suggest. #yikes

If I understand your question:
Let’s say you had a ring of ten pixels, but only wanted to control pixels 3-7

for(int i = 3; i < 7; i++){

Would set LEDs 3 through 7 red.

You could change 3 and 7 to lowerJsonrange and upperJsonerange, and set those based on your data and it would also work

@Mr_Happy Yes, you have the right idea. One piece of data starts to fill range from o to x, the next range to be filled would go from (x+1) to y, and the last range would be (y+1) to 9 (if the ring had 10 pixels). So, is this setting up arrays or what is the syntax I need to use? TY for helping me.

@Mr_Happy Hey, sorry, just saw your code when I scrolled down farther. Now I see what you mean and I’ll see if I can coax that method. :slight_smile:

+1 for the awesome hashtag – and let us know how it all goes … I bet you can do it!

@Mark_Kriegsman TY for the encouragement and there’s nothing like crowdsourcing help. It’s a pin for a big conf in Vegas. #groundzero

Hey, everyone, just found the exact thing I needed https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/Basic-usage. Look at bringing in external controls. I’m so excited and I might just get this to work. It’s going to be a donut chart of three values. :slight_smile: