Hi, i did yesterday some cork coasters.

i did yesterday some cork coasters. i think they are good, but seems a little bit burned… I did with 2mA and 350 mm/s. When I checked some post by other on forums, they are using 3rd parameter - PPI. My question is, where can i set this or how to adjust the machine for less burning? I am using Corellaser …

The K40 does not support PPI. At least as far as I know.

Oh I see… i am newbie with lasers … So is there any other way to do it with less burning?

A faster speed or lower power. How do you set the mA on the laser? It shouldn’t even run at 2mA. My laser doesn’t kick in until about 3-4 mA

So i have a analog Ampermeter built in … I draw a scale to potentiometer (set with test button for laser). So I have a scale from 1 to 18mA… Faster speed … so far as i figured out, 400 mm/s is the fastes what i can uses without belt jumping …

Make any sence to vary with pixels per step ?

Pixels per inch would make it easier to control the burning effect, but I don’t think these lasers have that feature.

The analog ammeter won’t go fulll swing when engraving, so you can’t rely on that. Cutting, sure.

There is some kind of pixel density control in Laser DWR. Not sure what I’d does.

What’s it called

I don’t have it near by at the moment but it is near the bottom of the engrave/cutting dialog. I won’t be back to where my laser is until next Wednesday. I’ll check into it when I get back.

I wish I knew what the other options were for lol

So finaly i was able to set the machine for optimal result. There is an option to get the engraving faster and better for cork. I vary with pixel/step value (set for 3, speed was 380mm/s, power 3mA). The cork coaster was much better - not so burned and just as “printed”. I used a cover tape - its a little bit much more work with peel of, but it worth. For 1st time was the pixel/steps value 1 - thats why was os burned (this value is normally for cutting), 2 is for engraving… 3 was the optimal value for cork :slight_smile: