Hi, I am trying the auto-level function for pcbs,

Hi, I am trying the auto-level function for pcbs, I can do a test probe but when I start the probing it first go to the first point, touches the pcb then nothing else happens…

Use the /imania workspace for now. If anyone wants to volunteer to take over maintenance of the /grbl workspace that would be great so this question stops getting asked.

@jlauer is the grbl workspace not being maintained anymore?

No. It was owned by Jarrett Luft who originally created it. I pay all attention to TinyG because it’s the future of how CNC should work. So it would take folks volunteering to get the Grbl workspace to catch up to all the cool stuff built into the TinyG workspace.

I am open to pointing the Grbl workspace to anybody’s account that wants to take it over. Nobody ever really asked. I would repoint to /imania right now if the owner of that was cool taking on the responsibility. I think the best way now is to actually make the main workspace be a cloud9 project and then you can invite any number of collaborators via cloud9 so you get shared maintenance.

With respect to feeling like only TinyG is welcome, it’s not about that, it’s about making sure we all keep moving forward with modern tools. My number one priority in life is innovation and anything that slows down innovation i’m not a fan of. Any controller or device or software that helps keep us all moving forward is welcome. There are times when Grbl has its place. There are forks of Grbl that have modernized. All is welcome frankly, but there’s also the need to keep pushing forward and moving to better more modern tools.

That’s sad for me as I am depending on the grbl workspace. I would like to see some of the feats from TinyG, as far as they are possible on the limited environment grbl provides.

I’m setting up chilipeppr-grbl as a Github Organization so that it will not be bound by a single point of failure. If something happens to me, the other owners will still be able to access it. Apparently I already ported the grbl workspace to github a month ago. Will let you know when it’s ready to switch over.

The grbl workspace works fine other than the auto-level being updated in imania. It still gets used a ton every day.

BTW, it’s worth checking out my blog post on Grbl vs TinyG to better understand why I’m such of fan of moving forward with a modern controller. The price is almost the same yet the capabilities are factors greater. http://chilipeppr2.blogspot.com/2015/06/grbl-vs-tinyg.html

Please check the js console, at the Weekend i had the same error. Touch and stop @ autolevel. It was a threejs error, dont remenber … After a browser refresh, autolevel works for me.

I need everyone to test this and let me know if it works: http://chilipeppr.com/grblStaging

John the problem I see is that there are several platforms available with GRBL. I would never consider the TinyG just do to the stepper currents available. Do you have any cross points to ones that are listed in the comments in your blog post on the tinyG vs GRBL.

@Ryan_Fritts if what you are seeking is higher current stepper drivers, you could drive those from a Due.

That is what I am thinking of… I have a Due here and it may be worth a try, just swap the Uno/GBRL for the Due/Tinyg