Hi, I am running LaserWeb 4 with an Emblaser 2.


I am running LaserWeb 4 with an Emblaser 2. Am doing logos and I would like to position the laserhead at the centre of the logo and have it work from there - similar to the centre datum in Vcarve.

I have centred the image in LW, jogged the laserhead to the center of where I want the logo to be and then zeroed X and Y. (If I Home All, then the Z-axis does not move when the job is started).

The job runs, but then the laserhead tries to go back to its’ original home (top left and bangs into the rail).

Preferably, what I would love to happen is that it homes to the temporary home that I set. This means that I can change my workpiece and then Run the next Job.

When it goes back to the default home, it means that I have to jog it back to the temp home.

I have been told that I can write a macro to jog it back, but I have pieces that are various sizes and the start X, Y position for one job may not be the start position for the next.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



That’s surely because you have a start gcode that makes homing on settings/gcode …

if your problem is arising from it auto-homing at the end of a job then simply remove the homing command from the end gcode area, right? then it should remain stationary at the end of the cut or engraving. Seems easier than macroing around it in my opinion

There is nothing like a “temporary home”! Home MUST be a defined mechanical position (homing switches) and has nothing to do with work origin.

What you want is a defined (fixed) work origin. You can reach that by entering the following in the GCODE HOMING:
G28.2 X Y ;homing X & Y
G0 X150 Y100 ;fast move to X/Y position
G10 L20 P0 X0 Y0 ;set work origin (set zero)

In the GCODE END you can enter G0X0Y0 to move back to the work origin after each job.

You only need to click the Home all button after starting up your machine or after a abort job (when position could be lost).

You can click on the image in LW, and then when the coordinates box opens, change the Center X and Y to 0, and it should center it on the origin.