Hi. I am new to the forum.

Hi. I am new to the forum. Chillipeppr is a great piece of software but an odd thing happened to me today.

I’m using chillipeppr on google Chrome on macOS Sierra with grbl 0.9 and the latest version of JSON on a raspberry pi 3 and a cncx pro v2.

I paused the router just to do I little clean up and then resumed cutting. Instead of continuing to cut the router just went off in a random curve.

Has anyone had any experi nice of this?

I’ve thought about upgrading to GRBL 1.1 but I am a little aprehensive I might make things worse!


What pause/resume technique did you use? i.e. what buttons did you press or what commands did you send? Random curves tend to be from G2/G3 moves that started in the wrong position so get interpreted wrong.

I am using the freehold buttons and resume buttons in chiliPeppr. This morning I took the plunge and upgraded to GRBL 1.1 and now I am using Jpadie. No feedback on the positioning I know but its a work in progress.

Why no feedback on the positioning? In mm that should be fine.

Seems to be working ok now.