Hi, I am new to laserweb and trying to laser engrave a grey scale

Hi, I am new to laserweb and trying to laser engrave a grey scale image in Mach3. I have imported the grey scale image to laserweb. after creating the process [raster engrave] the code is showing x axis moves only, the y axis moves are just not present.

attached is the pic of the file I am trying to engrave…when I look at the file in laser web, I see the at the red lines of the toolpath, and I see the x and y axis moves but they are not in my code when I view them in Mach3! does anybody know how to solve this, please? any assistance very much appreciated, regards Marc

@Marc_Erasmus ​ this is a very complex image that requires multiple level of laser power horizontal lines thus you will see multiple X for every Y

Can you post the gcode file

thanks for the reply ariel, how do i post the code here, i dont see a place to “add file”…?

@Marc_Erasmus ​ you will have to share it from Google drive or similar

hi Ariel, thanks,
i have put the code on google drive here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzEywIoN9cGHN2dVZ0lyVTRULTA/view?usp=sharing

so as i understand it, is laserweb not able to engrave grey scale images such as the one i am trying to engrave? does it perhaps require a special kind of plugin?

@Marc_Erasmus ​ not at all, you should be able to create gcode for any kind of image (Bitmap) .

@Marc_Erasmus ​ I just opened your file and I do see Y movements in it.
I’m not sure what’s your issue.
Have you tried executing this?

yes i have tried to execute the code. what i get is very slow movements along the x axis.I did not see any y axis movements but i do see them now [sorry, didnt see them the first time] like a stop start running of the code…i was expecting the code to run smoothly from one grey scale value to the next…is my feed perhaps too slow? and what could be causing the laser to “break up” the x axis movements please?

Mach3 is new to us. I believe @Todd_Fleming ​ & @cprezzi ​ added support not long ago. Maybe they have some imput.

@Marc_Erasmus ​ I’m also noting that your speed is way off. You are doing 100mm/min that’s not correct. In setting you can change to mm/s if you are more conformtable or just input 6000mm/min to get 100mm/s

That’s should fix your speed issue

None of us know what Mach needs laser gcode to look like. We’ve received contradicting reports from different users about what it expects. It’s possible that all reports are wrong and Mach’s planner just can’t handle the tiny motions.

e.g. the weirdest report claimed that people tie the A axis motor to an analog intensity control.

thanks for the help Ariel and Todd. I’ll try the updated speed settings to mm/s, also, just a thought but maybe Mach3’s “look ahead” lines need to be more than 20 [current default] any comments on this?

I don’t know. I never use Mach so I’m not familiar with its settings.

I notice in Laserweb "create single "tab my grey scale is set to “none” but there are 11 other choices, any ideas on how i make my choice here please? or should i leave it on “none”?

@Marc_Erasmus No need to move any of that bellow the cut rate. All those are extra options to modify the images

Just load the image, create single operation, adjust power and speed and press generate.

I have done as you suggest Ariel, but i only see a y axis move at the start and at the end of the code. is this a “canned cycle” where by it records the y axis movement and applies it after each x axis line? and i see mach is still trying to cut each individual value of grey-scale as an individual piece of code…? i am sure there must be a setting i have wrong in laserweb…

Not sure but as stated above we could have everything wrong with Mach3/

Y movements are there and your speed was ultra slow, not sure what else.

Can you post this gcode on a Mach3 forum so someone expert in the matter verify that LW output is correct or not?