Hi, i am new in 3d printing. I can do 3d-animation.

Hi, i am new in 3d printing. I can do 3d-animation. Can I export models from a 3d program like maya? How much would i have to invest to start? I would like to try

You can export them with a Script like: http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/downloads/scripts-plugins/utility-external/export/c/mayaexportstl

(google for more)

You will have to make sure that they have certain details/parameters:

And about the Printing, you could either buy a 3dPrinter yourself (around 300 - 1000 for a kit) or use Shapeways to print it on demand, or check your local FabLab.

OK, 300-1000€ is not too expensive to get started. You are selling the MAKI Box aren’t you?

:wink: Yes - that’s my employer @Makible

Yeah, you should be able to export an STL from Maya from that script, however there are some things you’ve gotta keep in mind. The pieces need to have all outward-facing vertices, without intersections or holes. This can actually be somewhat a pain to accomplish sometimes. You’ll learn a lot about your models when trying to 3D print them, because the software WILL yell at you.