Hi, i am having the same issue as David Anderson (below).

Hi, i am having the same issue as David Anderson (below). he says he resolved the issue by changing the remote host ip address, how do I do that?

I am using chilipeppr to attempt to control a cnc but there is an issue with the IP address he says he resolved it by changing the remote host ip address. how do you do this, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. i am using windows 8

Hmm. The IP address is set in the widget in the lower right. You may have to scroll. Have you started SPJS on the PC connected to your CNC?

Is your CNC machine (SPJS) and Chilipeppr all running on one PC? If so, you can just enter localhost. Also, there is a scan button which will scan your network for SPJS instances.


i am running spjs and have the the cnc connected direct however for some reason chilipeppr thinks i am running json version 1.1 which i am not David Anderson had the same issue and said he just changed the remote host ip. i have tried local host, remote host scan ip etc, but not having any luck. I have tried thid on two different pcs (win 8 & 10) and experieced the same issue. the driver says it is working properly and the most up to date driver is installed?

As JohnL commented in David’s thread, for some reason SPJS 1.1 is displayed when you are not connected between CP (browser app) and SPJS.
You are running Win 8 or Win 10; you run SPJS on the Win machine. The remote host scan is, by default, a scan of the 192.168.1.* network.
What is your PC’s IP address?
In my case, my DHCP server (in router) serves up for 192.168.10.*, so I have to modify the search to match.
I run Linux, not Windows, so am not sure what connecting to SPJS on local host looks like (exactly).
What version of SPJS did you download?
Probably 1.8 or perhaps 1.83.
Are you Positive SPJS is running?
You may have to open Win Task Manager to check for it.

If SPJS and CP are running on the same PC, you don’t have to worry about the IP address. Just enter “localhost” in the address field. “localhost” is a special string that means “this machine” or “loopback”.

If SPJS is running on a different machine than CP, then you need to enter the IP address of that machine running SPJS. You can do this pretty easily no matter what OS you are running. If it is Windows, you can usually just open a command prompt and type “ipconfig” and look for the IPv4 address.

@Frank_Graffagnino I am not a win user, to connect to localhost, does the connection need to be http://localhost:8989 ?

@cmcgrath5035 it should just look like localhost inside the connect box in ChiliPeppr. You could also put localhost:8989. Putting http:// at front would actually make it invalid.

@Lily_Robbers can you post a screenshot for all of this of your entire screen. That will help all of us get our bearings. All you need to do is connect to localhost, so not sure what you’re running into.

Lily: Have a look at this Community Item https://plus.google.com/103358636455328137481/posts/jXWt2h4jz6x In David’s command window you see the typical startup logging from SPJS, which includes it’s IP address.
Perhaps terminate your current SPJS instance, then open the CMD window, restart it and review the results for your SPJS session.

Hi just a quick update, we still can’t connect to a local host but noticed that when we ran the script for the Json server it had a IP address in it, searching for this address on chilipeppr helped us to get connected.
Thanks for all of your help