Hi, How can change LED order and LED nums at runtime?

How can change LED order and LED nums at runtime?

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For performance reasons the library does not let you change those values after compile time. However a number of people have come up with clever workarounds; maybe some people could share them here?

Sorry, I misspoke a bit: you can’t change LED order or PIN numbers or LED type, but number of LEDs is adjustable with some work (see above).

I think @Adam_Haile and @Maniacal_Labs_LLC did something similar with the AllPixel: https://github.com/ManiacalLabs/AllPixel/blob/master/Firmware/Firmware.ino

+1 yup… it’s a bit if a hack but the AllPixel firmware changes pixel count and type at runtime… kinda, you have to reboot. Well you don’t have to but we do for memory reasons. But we don’t change color order … no reason you can’t, but we handle that outside of the firmware so there was no reason to add 6 more permutations to each led type.

Thanks, Excuse me for my delay…
I want to build a general LED controller like @Jason_Coon FastLED + ESP8266 Web Server, and I changed it to https://i.imgsafe.org/0815d79d20.png. For this, user must can change Leds count and Led order at runtime. How can I do this?