Hi, Hoping for some help/advice Got a laser attached to my 3d printer (ctc)

Hoping for some help/advice

Got a laser attached to my 3d printer (ctc) been using inkskape with plugins fine but wanted abit more advanced software…

using laserweb4 and can get it the cut function to work fine. but having problems with the raster function. I have added a few pictures and vid of my problem. hoping someone can spot an error on my behalf

The video is me trying to run the gcode twice to show what it does
sorry about poor quality pictures

hoping this is the correct place to post . thanks in advanced for any help/advice

Review your machine settings. Are you using smoothie board?
You only have one shoot because there is only one g1 movement.
Choose the correct machine in le settings and start g code

Thanks for the reply

It’s a mightboard from a CTC printer

I have made my own profile for it and added the on / off laser gcode

And now can get the laser to move but it just keeps laser on

Will add new pictures of gcode in comment’s

New gcode from laserweb4. Just keeps laser on so no raster

And as you can see from this gcode from the raster plug in on inkscape. Turns the laser on and off

@Jorge_Robles I cannot get the tool off command to show correctly either. Is there something we are missing here?

Maybe is related with the marlin preprocessor addition a month ago.

@Jorge_Robles could be but if I don’t choose it and just add the off tool should it add it after each line?