hi, has anyone else had experience problems to print when theres a bad weather/lots

hi, has anyone else had experience problems to print when theres a bad weather/lots of humidity?

Im using Honeycomb ABS drone line and Its the 4th time my extruder jam, it was printing fine a couple of days ago, and sudenly it started to jam, just above the heater block, i suppose the humidity in the air made the filament more sticky or harder to use. Any toughs?

It can happen, yes. Plastic absorbs moisture based on the relative humidity. If the moisture content is too high, steam will bubble out of the plastic as it melts, which can cause issues with jamming and print quality.

Well, i guess im trowing my filaments on the fire… I mean on the oven again, lol

There are some air tight plastic totes on Amazon, throw in a large Desiccant pack and it will keep your filament dry when not printing. (I usually remove the filament or cover it with a large zip lock when I’m finished printing).

Spend the last 3 hours baking my filament inside the oven at 150 C, and it still jammed the extruder, but this time i had lots and lots of steam coming out of the extruder, will try again for at least 6-7 hours this time lets see what happends

150C? That’s way too hot, it might be jamming now because it’s all oval from the heat. Take some measurements.

ok its the 7th time i get a jam, just over the heaterblock, and baked for 6 hours my filament at around 130-150C, and still cant pass from the brim part, im running out of idea, any help plz (already cleaned entire extruder using Industrial Grade acetone)
I no longer have steam from the filament, but still having jams after 1 minute.

It’s really hard to jam ABS unless there is something wrong with your hardware or the filament. A few tests you need to do:

  1. Have you tried other filament? Could be a bad spool, or you could have wrecked it by overheating when you baked it so hot. Seriously, 130C is too hot, you’re not supposed to bake filament over its glass temperature and Tg for ABS is 105C.
  2. Measure diameter in a few places and at different angles. What’s it measuring? Is it bigger than the inlet of the extruder? If you don’t have calipers, order some calipers right now, and in the meantime tightly wrap twenty wraps of filament around a pipe or thick rod and make sure it measures close to 35mm across all twenty wraps. Divide measurement by 20 to get your approx filament diameter. (Not super accurate but better than nothing.)
  3. Lift your nozzle way above the bed and load filament. Does it load ok and more or less downward into air? If it turns strongly to one side, you may have debris in the nozzle. Then grab the incoming filament while it’s loading and feel how much force it takes to stall the motor or strip out the grip. It should be hard to stop the filament from feeding.
  4. Are you having issues with first layer gap or over-extrusion? A photo of your print after it jams will help us diagnose.
  5. Is the filament tangling or binding on the spool as it pays off? Is the spool warped or jumping off its holder? Is the spool mounted overhead or do you have a feed tube from the spool to the extruder?

1.- Already tried 3 spools, same result it keeps jamming above the block

2.- I have only a mechanical caliper so exact messures are quite hard to archive at the momment, but all the mesurements i do are more or less around the 1.75mm range.

  1. It loads so damn well, probably better than it use to be, there used to be burned filamment but that was my mistake, i removed the thermistor by mistake and the temperature spiked around 300-330c, cleaned already with industrial acetone, clean and shinny

4.- actually the prints dont have any issues at all, will post some photos in other comment.

5.- Not at all, the spool is actually on the back of the printer i havent had any tangled in monts, the last 3 jams happends while doing manual prime using the touch screen of the printer

On a final note, while disassembly i noted that im screwing the nozzle throat pipe all the way down into the heater block, i have printed before this way but im guessing that might be my mistake, dont know, i have tryied many things and thats all i can imagine at this momment.

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Oh yeah, there’s the problem! Your heat break is screwed in too far. That will do it. Read the E3D assembly instructions and reassemble from scratch.

Is that a genuine E3D or a knock-off?

You’re running it with the fan blowing on the heatsink, right?

E3D clone, and yeah it have a fan, ok let me get clean everything and will assemble again, the smallest things are allways the hardest to figure it out. thanks.

ok it seems i spot the problem, yes @Ryan_Carlyle you where right about the heat break, it was too far inside the heat block, still i added teflon tape on one side, and silver thermal paste on the other, i hope it improves the termal barrier,

Right now im printing a 3 hours print and @ 28% everything seems to works fine, will post if something got bad again, but for reference i will post an image of my actual setup, hopes if it helps anyone else. thanks

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