Hi guys, this is kind of a plug so sorry for that.

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Hi guys, this is kind of a plug so sorry for that. But as many of you here nudged me for this, I do feel it’s worth sharing that YouMagine joined the 3D Hubs Teleport network last week! That’s it! :wink:


It could be argued that selling prints of a design is commercial use, and many designs on @YouMagine have a non-commercial license. If a designer had the ability to decide whether their non-commercial design can be printed via 3d hubs, that would be a reasonable way of granting license for such use. (At the moment, there seems to be no way of opting out?) And this is another case of everyone profiting from a designer’s work except the designer.

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My most recent read on the topic makes me believe that a physical realization is not protected under copyright. Thus, anyone can make an object and sell it regardless of the license of the digital file.


There are other sites out there that give the artists money for every print sold through the site. If more and more of the artists’ work is “freebooted” like this, those sites will rise in usage.


@Dat_Chu @YouMagine does not exclusively host purely “functional” objects (the kind of object not protected by copyright, and what was discussed in the article you linked). Even functional designs are protected by copyright if they contain creative elements in addition to their functional characteristics. Legality aside, I don’t know why it’s considered OK (ethically, in relation to the community) for YouMagine and 3D hubs to start selling designs without giving the designers any say in the matter, or giving the designer the option for setting a “tip” amount for themselves. As you say, this behavior on their part does make me less likely to post non-commercial designs to YouMagine, and more likely to seek a commercial home for my work.

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@kongorilla totally true points. As a designer myself I feel what you mean. We’ve actually built in functionality that “tips” the designer during checkout of a 3D print (“tip” in this case can be both voluntary or obligatory). We’re still testing to see what works best but technically everything is in place to give a designer his/her fair share. Hope that helps! Cheers