Hi Guys! So I've had my K40 for about a week now,

Hi Guys!
So I’ve had my K40 for about a week now, surprisingly everything was great from the start apart from a slightly misaligned mirror! Now I have an issue. I can open LaserDRW, but cannot get it to communicate with the laser. I get no error message about the USB, I have checked that the computer recognises the USB, but I cannot get the release rail, reset button etc. to work and cannot preview or engrave anything now. Also, I cannot get the Corel Laser plugin to work at all. Any suggestions?

Greetings April, I think there may be problems if you try to use an OS newer than Windows XP, does this apply? I may be wrong. DO you have the dongle fitted/installed? Kind regards, David.

Mine worked fine for a short while also then it started moving real slow. Different symptom I know but it turned out that the wrong model and serial number were entered in the software. Once that was corrected it’s been working fine.