Hi guys, May I ask you a service;

Hi guys,

May I ask you a service; can someone running a eustathios V2 with a smoothieboard send me his config.txt ? (especially if you run a viki2 lcd)

My board encountered a strange thing a few days ago, it could read the sd flash anymore, wiped the whole config.txt and refused to do anything.

I somehow made it work again by flashing by many try of formatting the card and flashing the firmware but I don’t have any backup of the config file (I know… _). Any help welcome so I don’t start from scratch again :wink:



I know recent changes to the firmware required new Config files due to some changes. I haven’t updated my smoothie in too long. I should go through and make some more recent configs for people to use. It doesn’t take too long.

@Eclsnowman ​ yep I made that, new config with the latest firmware. I had to try a bit for the step/mm, pining, inverted I/O and LCD config. It works ok now. I will save the file this time …

@Maxime_Favre any chance you want to push it out to the github in the user mods area, or link it here for others?

That’s the plan :slight_smile:

I made a pull request on github