Hi guys, just wanted to ask what's the most common microcontroller you use?

Hi guys, just wanted to ask what’s the most common microcontroller you use? I only use arduino nano right now but I’m just new to FastLED and I don’t know yet the difference and advantages of each microcontrollers.

Microcontroller choice is probably a bit of personal preference, but often it’s based on a variety of project requirements. Factors might include: the number of LEDs (more LEDs require more memory), the need for faster processing power, lots of pins for input/output of other stuff, WiFi capability, the available physical space the MCU needs to fit in to, etc.

The controllers I’ve used the most are Teensy 3.0 and 3.2 because of the faster speed and extra memory. Sometimes using a Teensy 3.0 was really more MCU then needed, but it’s what I had on hand and I’m totally happy to support the developer. I’ve used the Beetle board and the Nano too. The Trinket is wonderfully small, but it doesn’t support use of the serial monitor which I regularly use.

If you have specific questions about what a project might require just ask.

I primarily use (and love) the Nano as my projects all have <61 LED’s and it’s so easy to use. When I get more time, I’ll play with the ESP8266 in order to support wifi.

Nano projects have included, sound reactive, FFT, IR control, but I need to use APA102 in order to get those to work correctly.

For me it was about the scale of the project. I started with the Arduinos and moved to Teensy 3.x for the larger memory and faster speeds when the number leds got bigger.