Hi Guys, Just been evaluating Laserweb4 So far loving the openness,

Hi Guys, Just been evaluating Laserweb4
So far loving the openness, the easy of adding little cnc macros to start coolant and different spindles etc to suit different Gcode motion controllers. We are also looking at upgrading some older equipment to use GRBL, so laserweb looks like a perfect match.

Not to be negative, totally understand this is a work in progress and is open etc, so don’t want to offend anybody with my first post but when trying to evaluate these different programs nobody publishes a list of missing features, so so far this is what we have found missing from Laserweb, please correct me if I’m wrong or if it’s something on the horizon. So far only been evaluating it for about 40 minutes.

  1. Absolute most important feature in flat sheet profile routing is sequencing! We run jobs that would be at least 600 shapes on a sheet, we need to be able to run through selecting the order to cut because if the order is wrong the bit can move and then you brake a cutter. Cut see how this can be done efficiently in Laserweb. In our current software, we simple hit sequence then click the objects in the order we want them to cut, or we also have the option to auto sequence, though this is obviously an advanced feature and we don’t actually use it that often, manual works better.

  2. Tags (bridges), we like to be able to chose where to have the start point on closed shapes but also sometimes extra tag points are needed and would be nice to just click where we want them

  3. Basic editing, we often edit jobs just before running, nice to be able to added extra holes, or stretch shapes etc. Guessing this is a bit advanced but in programs that do allow this it has been very much loved.

  4. Alignment / snaps, great to be able to move parts around while preparing the job, part of nestling them, nice to be able to to say align the bottom right corner of one rectangle with the bottom left corner of another, then move by router bit width.

  5. material view, I see there is currently basic support for fixing a camera over the work area and then displaying this on the screen, though currently it’s not possible to stretch/scale etc to calibrate this? Guessing what I should do is not point the program at the camera directly but at the output of some real time transform third party application? This is a killer feature we have want for a long time!, some of the material we cut is expensive and we like to fit small jobs in to old used sheets, so this would make it so much easier and efficient. We have also looked at doing it the other way around and projecting the edit screen onto the bed of the router and hence onto the material.

Perhaps you have suggestions or work arounds for the above features?

Hope I didn’t offend anybody, you are doing awesome work guys.

Don’t know if I came in too heavy handed, guess the most urgent things is to know if sequencing is a planned feature, not so important with laser engraving but a deal breaker for CNC routing. Don’t want to make a new layer for every part, just so we can order them.