Hi guys! I'm using my TinyG and CP for some days now,

Hi guys!
I’m using my TinyG and CP for some days now, and they’re working great together! My limit switches and my touch plate was working out of the box, but I’m wondering… how do you do a tool change in a cycle?

Awesome! So I have been doing tool changes for awhile now in cp. Its pretty simple. Just generate gcode with a tool change and cp will display a popup. Go ahead and jog around change the tool out. Then send a probe and re zero your work coords just like you did with when u started. Now cp remembers your last position you can click the button to move your bit to the place your job stopped at. Then click resume. Boom. You are good to go.

Wooh… that sounds to good to be true! I’ll try that today! Thank you for your help, Riley.

I did have an issue with the GUI dialogue that pops up saying send probe. It for some reason issue a probe. All I did was send a probe with the regular probe widget that John did.

Tried it about a minute ago… no popup or stop for a tool change :frowning:

My g-code looks like this:
S10000 M3

It should be. T3 M6

And, you are allowed to turn off the popup dialog, so make sure it’s on. It’s a setting under the cog wheel icon for the Gcode widget. It’s on by default, so you likely have it on already.

Thank you all… works like a charm :slight_smile:

Its pretty sick. Thx John.

today, the option for the popup dialog in the gcode sender setting is gone!?

U can turn it on under settings which is the cogwheel icon in the gcode widget.

show me where :stuck_out_tongue: --> https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/iGuj93Kvyeoy5zHXHzlooKbGpqmTOwFbploAgylf-es=w529-h1075-no

Oh, it’s the “Tool Change (M6)” which you have checked. So my take would be that you just don’t have any M6 commands in your Gcode.

I have!

T8 M6
S20000 M3

Tinyg pauses also, but no dialog is shown.

and i’m 100% percent sure, that there was an option either to show the dialog or not.