Hi guys, i'm struggling to find a nice looking "warm white" in CHSV -

Hi guys, i’m struggling to find a nice looking “warm white” in CHSV - anyone have any standard they reach for?

I started by using the predefined colors list on the pixel reference https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/Pixel-reference as a base, but even LemonChiffon looks very “daylight” white and not as yellow as i’d expect.

Standard strip of WS2811s

simply using leds[int] = CHSV (Hue, Sat, Val);

but haven’t found a pleasing, nice warm white, yet.

I’m not a programmer, but I thought this might be some help to you.h
Have you tried Mark’s Softblink code
In that he use
Const lightcolor (8,7,1);
Which I have tried on a ws2811 pixels which is close enough to warm white.

Bad form to answer your own post, but i’ve just found one, thanks to @Jason_Coon - CRGB(0xE1A024) was the color i was after.

@Stuart_Taylor - Actually, it’s good form if you’ve found an answer to your question and are sharing it. What’s bad form, is saying “I’ve solved it”, and not telling us what the solution was. Have had lots of frustrating Google searches end up with the latter.

Yeah @Andrew_Tuline ​ I feel you on that one.

Also check out CRGB::FairyLight, which is sort of designed to look like the (very) warm white of incandescent holiday lights.

Google+ does it again, this has only just appeared in my stream, thanks @Mark_Kriegsman ​ I’ll take a look. I have just started putting together a fairylight palette that mimics the softer,worn out hues of an aged incandescent set. In the UK we use tiny lamps, its very rare to see C19 sets. The tiny lamps are coloured with a translucent lacquer that wears off over time allowing some of the filament colour through. So I’ve been showing a colour, then showing incandescent, then showing the colour again. It’s not quite there yet, but trying to “mix” the colour didn’t work. POV seems to follow the brain enough. Just need to work out the incandescent to colour ratio.

I’d love to see what you come up with! I just did a palette of “retro” C9 (huge) xmas bulb colors. We should figure out some way to make a library of contributed colors and palettes!

X-ref: https://plus.google.com/+PeterBuelow/posts/3rPu1KE3f8s

Ah thanks for the cross ref @Mark_Kriegsman ​ i missed that post too :open_mouth:

Also my post should have said C9 and fool the brain. Stupid autocorrect.

I only know the size names because of LED packaging! http://m.aliexpress.com/item/32462937224.html And that just seems somehow so backward…