Hi guys, I'm desperately trying to install JSON Serial Port Server on my RPi,

Hi guys,

I’m desperately trying to install JSON Serial Port Server on my RPi, but since I am a newbie to RPi, I find it difficult.

I seem to remember there was a good how-to on this on the git page for the sw 1-2 years ago, but now I cannot find it.
Now I can only find a setup for the sever to start during boot.

Doe anyone have a good how-to on installing this?
PS: the more step by step and basic, the better.


At it’s most basic, you just download the serial-port-json-server file from Github and run it from the command line.

There is a command line switch you can add that installs the startup script. Docs are in the Github readme on how to do that.

  1. Connect to your rPi with terminal console or via ssh.
  2. Download SPJS server: wget https://github.com/chilipeppr/serial-port-json-server/releases/download/v1.95/serial-port-json-server-1.95_linux_arm.tar.gz
  3. Extract downloaded file: tar -xpzf /home/pi/Downloads/serial-port-json-server-1.95_linux_arm.tar.gz
  4. Copy SPJS server binary to /usr/bin/ (I don’t want to run it from Downloads folder and I want shorter file name): cp serial-port-json-server-1.95_linux_arm/serial-port-json-server /usr/bin/spjs195
  5. Edit /etc/rc.local file:
    vi /etc/rc.local or nano /etc/rc.local (depending what editor you use) and add a line inside the file, but before line exit 0:
  6. Save the /etc/rc.local file:
    vi: press ESC, type :wq and press ENTER
    nano: press CTRL+X and Y to confirm
  7. Make sure /etc/rc.local has been updated:
    cat /etc/rc.local
  8. Reboot rPi:

You’re done with all steps and SPJS will autostart everytime you power on rPi.

Great write up @sszafran . In version 1.95 Added ability to run -createstartupscript on Linux to create an /etc/init.d launcher for auto-start of SPJS on boot