Hi, Guys. I'm a beginner on chilipeppr and I'd like to know if is

Hi, Guys. I’m a beginner on chilipeppr and I’d like to know if is possible save a gcode created on chilipeppr and how can I do it?

Usually you create your gCode elsewhere in the CAM program you use and then drag it into Chilipeppr to preview and send to your cnc machine.

I imported the BRD file from eagle and created a GCode on chilipappr and I’d like to know if is possible save it from the chilipeppr…

Oh. Eagle. Got it. Please check the drop down menu in the gCode widget to see if save is an option there.

I’ll try…

There a small window containing gcode code, you will find it easily. Just click in it, ctrl+a to select all, ctrl+c to copy to clipboard and ctrl+v to paste into text editor. I’m using Notepad++.

It is a good idea to review the gcode and eventually edit to suite your needs before sending it to the machine

I cannot provide screenshot, as I am far from my machine.

Below is the screenshot from my mobile phone: Eagle widget -> Gcode tab -> Gcode sub-tab -> scroll down to Generated Gcode.
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There is a “Download/Save” command available in the file menu. Whatever Gcode is loaded and showing in 3D viewer will be downloaded to your local box.
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Which workspace are you using? In my workspace (/jpadie) there is a gcode button in the eagle board widget which spawns a window with copyable gcode.

Another way might be to import the board and then load the autolevelling widget and press the view autolevelled gcode button in the post-run tab. That should work even without actually doing any probing but I’ve not tested that to be sure.

It doesn’t work, I think there is something wrong…could be cause it is not connected with my machine?
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How can I change my workspace for it works?

Do you have Serial Port JSON Server running on the machine where your cnc is connected to?
There is a Serial Port JSON Server widget available in the bottom right corner where you can download the software. Once downloaded, run the ‘exe’ and you should see your Arduino available on a Port List tab. Choose grbl from the drop-down list and connect.
In case you have grbl 1.1 installed, you should use /jpadie workspace and not /grbl.

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