HI guys, I thought of a re-usable key chain.

HI guys, I thought of a re-usable key chain. It needs some style and a bracelet version. I had this made Pre-home printer boom. SLA. Let me know how I can improve the design.

You can make it better by putting the hole for the ring on the other end. That way if you have the ring in the hole, the plastic cover can’t fall out.

This design is beeing sold in every hardware store in europe.

Do they have 2 piece products? That’s pretty cool thank you. How about a NEW open close system? I think a pin/socket hinge is a good idea but what do I do for the snap close on the other side? Everything I think of makes the frame look ugly… (remote control battery cover)

Yes they are exactly the same as yours only with a thin plastic film instead of the hardplastic window you have.

The plastic slides in between the front and the back of the keychain, sloding in from the top (where the keyring is or should be. Then you can slide a card behind the transparent film containing your label.