Hi guys i need help doing a simple pov function the problem is the

Hi guys i need help doing a simple pov function the problem is the (i) Leds scrip on the voild loop is making it too long. Needed help converting into array functions

LEDS is ws2812b on a Promini

Ideally for POV displays you should use a faster LED type, such as APA102, and using a faster controller as well, such as a Teensy 3.2 (96 MHz) would also be good. The LED type WS2812B is not that fast, plus the Pro Mini is either 8 or 16 MHz (depending on which one you have) so the combination of these is not ideal for a POV setup. You might still get something to work though depending on what you want to do and your setup. No harm in investigating that first! Your image of what you have going so far looks very interesting.

If you want to share your code so we can check to see if there’s something slowing things down there please put your code on http://gist.github.com and share the link here.

@marmil k sir will send the codes later

@cliff_co right now im stuck with the promini and ws2812b so will just make do at lower speeds

You can use a ProMini to drive a POV setup (I’ve done it, running at 16MHz, driving 4 strings), but as Marc said, you need faster LEDs. Those WS28xx LEDs are much too slow, unless you don’t plan on moving very fast.

@cliff_co Do not forget that the time to refresh set of ws2812 is nbleds * 30us. Hence for instance 600leds takes 18ms to refresh =>55FPS Max. On top of that you have your code running and as @marmil said, on a slow board the total FPS can drop really fast. POV will need at least 50fps.
How many leds to do have in your setup ?

In your code:
Could you try to remove your delays ?
Could you when you go from on ‘frame’ to the other only modify the color that changes ?
You can also consider storing all the values on an array and use memcopy to go faster than address each led separately.
I hope this helps

I see Sir, just have not figure out how to make it into an array yet. if you can check the code its very long due to the Leds(i) = RGB::color ; FastLED.show(); being indiviual , want tesd to know how to put it on the ini and call it via array

will take it slow for now trying to understand the codes

This is a 10led setup x2 on both arms running parallel

@cliff_co that is really cool !!!

Ashley is there any way you can check my codes and simplify it?

guys if ws2812 on a Teensy 3 be enough?