Hi guys, I love GRBL & Chilipeppr,

Hi guys,
I love GRBL & Chilipeppr, I have be using both for a little while with a small hobby cnc running off a windows PC.

Having a few issues, iv recently just upgraded my GRBL to 1.1 from 0.9 and got the newest version of the JSON server.
However im getting a few problems running chilipeppr now.
Im getting DRO as NaN.000 and it never changes while the machine is running, also seems the toolhead view just makes everything invisible.

Any ideas of what to try?


at the moment the grbl workspace supports grbl 0.8c - 0.9j

there is an experimental workspace avaiable at http://chilipeppr.com/jpadie which @Luca_Nervetti and I are actively working on. it is functional but may have bugs.

Thanks for the response, for now IV gone back to 0.9 but I’ll keep an eye out for the updates.