Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that the Replicape is available

@Elias_Bakken The filter on the device list can be circumvented/extended with custom entries via a configuration switch, so that at least shouldn’t be the problem. I might be mistaken how a named pipe is supposed to work, I would have suspected that the way it’s accessed is more file-like than a serial port (which has a baudrate and such). Might of course be that this is transparently handled in pySerial itself, I have never tried to be honest and it’s been ages since I last played around with named pipes. If you say it worked fine with Pronterface, it should also work fine in OctoPrint.

Also good to know you volunteer, will ping you once there’s something to play around with :slight_smile:

@foosel I stand corrected. It’s actually a virtual null-modem cable, not a named pipe: Linux null-modem emulator - Browse Files at SourceForge.net Sorry for the confusion… But yes, ping me when you have something : )

Aaaah, then of course it should work :smiley:

Nice design, good job.

Does it suits for Delta printers? )

@Taras_Protsiv not out of the box, but with the proper matrix transformation, yes. I do not have access to a delta printer, but I do have an H-belt printer that also requires a transformation from a cartesian coordinate system. The “firmware” is written in Python so using NumPy, the operation becomes almost trivial.

@Elias_Bakken Ok, thanks for answer. I think I could do that. does it go with BBB or I should buy it separately? also does it have any kind protection from short cut on the board? and same question for wrong polarity power supply?

@Taras_Protsiv there is a fuse for over current, but no reversed polarity protection. I haven’t tried reversing the polarity of the main input to see what the damage becomes, but it’s on my list. There are 6 end stop inputs all going directly to the uC so be careful not connecting high voltage there…

BBB must be bought separately, but they can be delivered together.

@Elias_Bakken ( pity there is a mention about 1Ghz and all pictures are with BBB so i think I`m not alone who think they are sold together. ( changing polarity without diode installed on powerline should simply burn out drivers

@Taras_Protsiv thanks for pointing that out. There is a link to a BBB on the description, but I’ll make sure I emphasize that the BBB I not included.

@Mike_Ashcraft You asked about two steppers on one driver. Here is a post about that: http://www.thing-printer.com/one-stepper-driver-two-stepper-motors/