Hi guys, I don´t know what exactly is the behaviour of the field "Laser

Hi guys,
I don´t know what exactly is the behaviour of the field “Laser power Range” in LW4.
At least for me, if I put a value in that field 0,1 i.e. I´m expecting the other field “/ 100%” change automatically (even when you can´t see the other input if you don´t resize that menu).
I mean, I have to change both in order to the generated gcode works fine, it seems the 100% field, is the field LW4 is taking for generating the gcodes.
(I´m using it in a Laser raster operation).

is it that the behaviour? I´ve to change both?


“/” between the fields is misleading. 1 / 80% is not 0.8. @Jorge_Robles

Should be “to”, yes. I will fix next commit :slight_smile:

Thanks @Todd_Fleming for correcting me :slight_smile:

That comma makes 0,1 look like two numbers to me. I’m curious: in locales which uses “,” to mean “.”, what separates a list of numbers? e.g. how would I write “1.2, 4.5, 7.2” in those locales?

With , ex: 10,20 => 10.20

So “1,2. 4,5. 7,2”?

Sorry, I misunderstood. The dot is for thousands, the comma for decimals, semicolon for any inline list enumeration, so:

1,2; 3; 3,5

Wow this has an interesting history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_mark

Ok, now i know how it works, min to max :slight_smile:

Is it harder for people who use “,” as a decimal mark to learn javascript and other programming languages?

Sorry for hijacking your thread, @Antonio_Garcia

Hahaha yes indeed, but I am one of these ones that don’t use thousands separator, nor decimal comma, maybe is a coder trait. My database headaches are epic.

And sorry Antonio :slight_smile:

@Todd_Fleming no problem :slight_smile:
Now another question, if I want to engrave always as the same level of power, I can´t make 5 / 5% because of generated gcode, i think is not correct, at least, it does moves, but not fire the laser (having a look to gcode).
I need to entry minimum between two values, 5 to 6 %.
Is it right?

You probably need to use an image editor to convert the image to pure black and white (no greyscale) then use 0 to 5%.

@Todd_Fleming Perfect!! Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

@Antonio_Garcia Being able to set the min and max laser power settings allows you to achieve the best contrast from your material. If you material is not affected below 5%power and it is also fully blackened at 60%power, then you would use a min-max of 5-60.