Hi guy's i am new to LW can any one point me to how

Hi guy’s i am new to LW can any one point me to how to change from cutting to engraving looked for a wiki but couldn’t find anything on it found a demo on utube but wow it’s very hard to follow thanks in advance.


Hey @Dennis_Fuente . As far as my experience, when importing files, the file type makes a difference on whether it is loaded for cut or engrave. E.g. a JPG/BMP/PNG/etc file will be loaded into the CAM as an engrave & vector formats DXF/SVG/etc will be loaded as cut.

Give that a try with importing different file types & see the different options in the CAM for each file added.

That’s been my experience also - LW is so automatic it sometimes leaves those of us used to the more klunky software wondering :slight_smile:

Which demo did you watch on YouTube?

So you have to create separate files for cutting vs engraving in Laserweb? Going to be interesting to figure out the work flow when I convert over.

This is the workflow for now. Mind that LW4 is mega super dooper easier

+Peter van der Walt Thanks for your work. Just added to the beer fund :slight_smile: