Hi guys, I am in the process of building the Eustathios v2.

Hi guys,

I am in the process of building the Eustathios v2. Can someone tell me what is the expected level of resistance when trying to slide the carriage in X or Y direction along the linear rods? This is newly assembled before running the breakin code. i can slide the carriage very easily before connecting the rods to the belt tensioners. But once connected to the belt tensioners, it becomes quite a bit harder to slide. Should I assume this means that there’s some slight misalignment between X& Y for the 14mm differential?


Yes I think it must be misalignment. I found that having one side even a few mm too low was enough to cause a lot of friction. Another thing is that it helps to work the carriage manually a little before running the break in code to help the bushings become aligned.

Thanks Ted. Seems like this misalignment is caused by slight warp in the bottom of bearing holder which is printed with eSUN PETG. I have replaced them with eSUN PLA+, and it is perfect now.

good to hear you got it ironed out. Yeah the movement of the carriage should be very easy and frictionless. I found that my bearing holders would break under the strong force against them and finally just printed them with 100% infill and have not had any problem with them since. But yes, I found that little things like, that a rod extended a little too far and was rubbing against the plastic behind the bearing caused problems, that the belt was not perfectly aligned onto the pulley- things like that - that most people probably at first glance do not think about.