Hi guys, I am facing a kind of stupid problem,

Hi guys, I am facing a kind of stupid problem, but maybe i’m in front of easy solution and cannot spot it now.
I “stupidly” tried to load a too large file onto grbl workspace. About 6 mB. Chili crashed. Refreshed, crashed everytime at “loading toolpath” stage. It gives me no time to drop in a smaller toolpath.
Logged out “gmail”, too see if it was stored in the session. No joy, tried logging onto tinyG workspace, forced refresh on login tab, cleared Chrome history, nothing. I can access from Internet Explorer and no problem, or from my laptop with Chrome and no problem at all either (even logging in session).
How can I tell Chili to stop loading the wrong toolpath? Thanks

Are you sure that clearing Chrome history cleared the cache?That might help, not sure.

It did. Thanks, I was expecting cache would be cleared at same step.

I believe it varies between OSs, I run Chrome on Linux and clearing cache is an option.
Glad it worked.

You’re going to have to clear your localStorage(“last-imported”) file. Open the Javascript console and type localStorage.setItem(“last-imported”, “”); but you have to do that when you’re on http://chilipeppr.com in the browser because localStorage is scoped to the domain name.

BTW, I drag in 10MB files and I’m ok with that, so not sure why 6MB would crash for you.

Or, you can look at the Resources tab in the Debug Console and just navigate to localStorage and scroll to find “last-imported” and then right-click and “Clear”

Thanks very much John. Will try it tomorrow morning