Hi guys, hoping someone here can help me ! My power supply failed.

I’m in Utah,USA :slight_smile:
After you send me a link to the supply’s info I can sketch you up a drawing…

I will see how much it would cost me to post it to you Don

I got the same 24v supply you sent me a link for Don , do you need details for the other power supply ?

@Jason_Farrell yup need specs on the LPS you bought. Perhaps the vendors page.

I can’t seem to post it here. I have it in PDF but only able to post photos here ?

You have to put it on your Gdrive and share it. Can you paste the link to the ebay place you bought it>

Is that enough Don ?

Yes, that’s good am I correct that you are interfacing this to a standard Nano controller? Can you post a picture of it pls to make sure.

@Jason_Farrell below is the wiring diagram.
The fuse holder I recommend is here:

@Jason_Farrell I modified the drawing, added in the current meter.

Sorry Don I had 2 of my kids birthdays this week. Has been crazy. Thank you so so much for those plans. I will try to do it today and report back !

@Jason_Farrell no problem, family first. I suggest that you wire a step at a time and check the names on what you are connecting to and the voltage before you connect the endpoint.
Good luck.

Finally got around to rewiring ! Powers up fine and test button works and laser fires. However I’m not getting anything on the power gauge. There was originally a green wire going from the tube directly to the back of the gauge. I tied the blue cable from my new power supply into the green cable. Was this a stupid mistake ?

@Jason_Farrell I am unclear on what you mean by the blue wire. My meter has 2 green wires on it one goes to the gnd terminal on the supply. On the drawing above that is FG. The other goes to the cathode side of the tube.

Sorry Don , I’m a bit dumb with stuff like this. On the back of the power supply. Thick red cable (HV+) ? And also a thin blue wire ?

The laser head doesn’t move when turned on though. I think the laser head used to reset when switched on but not sure.

I do not know what the blue wire is I did not see that in the LPS specs, did you? I would leave it disconnected for now but insulate it. Connect the meter as in the drawing. Picture of the blue wire coming out of supply?

“The laser head doesn’t move when turned on”… by this do you mean that the head and gantry does not move?
Check that 5V and 24v are correct on the moshi board.

This is the blue wire Don . gonna check my 5v and 24v now. Sorry for being such a pain and thank you so so much