Hi guys, hoping someone here can help me ! My power supply failed.

Hi guys, hoping someone here can help me ! My power supply failed. I ordered a new one but it doesn’t match the old one and I’m not sure how to connect it up, does anyone have any ideas ?
Any help greatly appreciated. The blue one is the old one in the photos .

Where did you order the PSU from?

@Jason_Farrell ​ Check this link…


I ordered it from eBay

@Jason_Farrell Can you tell us and provide purchase links to:
What exact machine do you have (looks like a K40)?
Where on ebay did you buy the LPS?
How do you know your LPS failed?
At best guess this supply is not a direct replacement. One problem as @Kostas_Filosofou 's link above shows is it is missing a 24V supply. It may be best to return this one for a better match?

My machine is a k40. The laser just stopped firing completely. I thought it was the tube so ordered a new one but still didn’t work so I then ordered the power supply but now don’t know how to wire it in. My k40 has no 24v supply. Only the power supply and controller card and laser tube .

@Jason_Farrell the K40 power supply has an internal 24V and 5V supply which are output on the right most connector. The replacement supply you bought does not. Therefore you would have to provide a separate 24VDC supply to use this one.
I suggest returning this one and get a direct replacement.

Oh crap, not gonna be easy to return and all the matching power supplies have to come from China. If I bought a 24v power supply would it be possible to wire up then ?

I don’t do much with ebay, wont they handle the returns? And then get a K40 supply from ebay?

Yes, most all replacement parts come from china. That is why I buy from ebay or amazon to shield me from them.

Yes you can buy a 24VDC supply and wire this supply in. Please supply me to link on ebay for this supply.

The mod would at least include:

  1. a female connector to interface with the current LV connector on your controller. (the rightmost connector on your current supply)
  2. A 24VDC supply with a min of 1amp. I would go larger so that you can add other devices like a Z lift table or convert to smoothie.
  3. Modifications to the current harness to accept the new supply.

How many amps would you suggest ? Lots of sizes available and I will send you on the link then , and thank you so so much for helping me out

@Jason_Farrell This is the supply I am using for my K40-S conversion.

I have one of those ordered now Don. Is there much to me wiring it all in ?

How electronics savvy are you :slight_smile:

Oh not very much

Then we will have to be careful take it slow!
I would need some time to draw it up for you.

Don you are an absolute gentleman, thank you so so much

@Jason_Farrell where are you located.

I’m in Ireland Don

@Jason_Farrell oh thought maybe I could get your failed supply … thats a bit far ;(

Where are you based Don ?