Hi guys! hope you are all having a good day.

Hi guys! hope you are all having a good day. As for me its been a bit stressful. I got this orangeish usb says Lihuiyu studio labs and I also got this blue silicone substance, have no clue what that is for. but I am missing the CD for my unit can any one help with a link. or is the software on the orangeish usb??

Hi Ricky. The silicone is for sealing the electrical connections to the laser tube if needed. Most people never use it. The USB dongle is a software key lock which you have to have plugged in to run the stock software. Sounds like you have a M2Nano control board which comes stock with either LaserDrw or CorelLaser control software. I would actually recommend using the K40 Whisperer software which can be found Here: http://www.scorchworks.com/K40whisperer/k40whisperer.html You don’t need the dongle for this. Let us know if you have any problems.

You can find the original CD here. Download the file that is marked RAR files.

@HalfNormal Thanks for all your information. Sounds good so I will download the soft ware I will actually go with k40 whisper which is what you recommended. Thanks my friend.

Cannot go wrong with K40 Whisperer.

@HalfNormal , Also I must add you where on point I just checked the board it is a M2nano :smiley:

@Nedman Gave you all the original info so I cannot take credit! :wink: (he just beat me to it.)