Hi Guys! Having a small issue here with my shapoko,

Hi Guys!

Having a small issue here with my shapoko, the first pass is not deep enough and my material doesn’t get cut all the way through… what am I missing?

Which software are you using ? Check your material thickness and your cut depth. I usually add between .005" and .01" depending on the material. Wood can vary from one spot to another even with a perfectly level table. If your losing depth (slippage), check to make sure the two set screws for the Z axis gear are tight.

@Jeff1 hi Jeff, do you know what command to use to slow down the shapeoko in grbl?

@javierymirna What do you mean ‘slow down’? The jog speed that you move to head to your start position or the feed speed during a job? The feed speed is adjusted through your CAM software like Carbide Create Create or Fusion 360 etc. The CAM software sets your desired speed when it generates the G Code for the Shapeoko. The Shapeoko Wiki has a lot of the basic settings to get you started.

@Jeff1 ok, I just need to make it cut slower, it’s moving x and y to fast while it cuts

@javierymirna That would be the Feed Speed in your CAM software. The following link has lots of info about feed speeds for different materials and end mills. They can still vary but it gives a good starting point. It’s more about producing the correct size ‘chips’ from the material that you are working with. You don’t want large chips but you don’t want saw dust either.


@Jeff1 Thanks Jeff!! I really appreciate your help!!

@javierymirna No problem. It can be a little daunting at first. I’m still learning but try and pay it forward whenever I can. If you haven’t found them yet, Carbide3D actually has two Shapeoko forums. They cover just about everything you can imagine. The company owners are involved and active in the forums. I think they have some of the best support I’ve ever seen.


@Jeff1 Hey Jeff! Thanks man! I need to get a little more busy using my shapeoko lol, I still keep braking bits tho, they’re too small to handle the carbon fiber i guess