Hi Guys, finally my Ares is laying down melted plastic on the glass bed.

Hi Guys, finally my Ares is laying down melted plastic on the glass bed.

But Z axis is too far away from bed, there is a big gap of abt 1cm betweeen nozzle and bed.

How can I lower Z axis?

I tried M206 Zxx > it can’t seem to go lower than original reference (where there’s a big gap).

Is it due to firmware limitation, that’s why can’t go beyond Z = 0?


Darn - EasyArts forum is down again, otherwise the answer is there. (I sent them an E-mail a couple days ago but have received no answer.) Several people hit this problem. In my case, it was firmware mismatch. Ares shipped with 22cm rods but the shipped firmware is for 24cm rods. The best fix is to update firmware. (Ares Firmware (Marlin) Update in OctoPi - Google Docs) Short term, you can try “M666 Z-16;” If this works, save it in EEPROM with “M500”. But with the mismatch, your scales are distorted so printed parts are smaller than your design. Additionally, warping is more severe.

I also remember something related to the sensor in the effector where they suggested tightening or loosening the screw. But, without the site to confirm this is only a guess.

@whackyhack , thank you. You have been a great help. I will spend time during the weekend to first try out the M6xx.

@Michael_Coley , thank you for the heads up. Will verify it. I looked at the effector, there is only a Z-stop lever switch with a washer and
allen screw attached below the effector. Though I can’t visualise the effect of tightening/loosening the screw.

@Ivan_Hoe I also had to adjust that sensor screw after I experimented with M6xx further. Yet another user had to obtain a new spring in the feeder because it was too short. But that was an early prototype so most people probably would not have that problem.

If the forum site comes back, search for “hang in the air” in Tips. I wrote a summary of the three situations.

Thanks dude.

Do you have any pics of the sensor screw that you can post here?

@Igor_Galvao Nice print.
Have you updated the firmware (to compensate mismatch in rods that came with the Ares vs firmware data of rods length) or done the M6xx adjustment and saved it in EEPROM with M500?

Seen that their web site is down is there any other site support for this printer.

@Francis_Hui This is about the only place for mutual support. I have placed several guides that I have written in Google Drive: Sign-in. Google Docs allow multiple people to edit documents, but I’m not sure if others can also add document to this drive. I’m also looking for a separate method for easier collaboration among users to collect and perhaps develop documents and code.

That’ll be great! One thing we need is a place to store files. Something like Github or Google Code. Google has a cool collaboration thing that we can use as the new “forum”.