Hi guys! Can you help me please?

Hi guys! Can you help me please?
I want to connect a laser engraver machine that has an Arduino Nano to ChilliPeppr on a Mac computer running OS Sierra 10.12.1

I followed lots of steps and the CP seems to be working but the problem is that I can’t find a usbserial port to select… and I don’t know what to do now :(((
I can only see Bluetooth ports that don’t connect with the machine.

I know nothing about codes and stuff…so I need to know exactly what to do in every step including “open the Terminal and write blablabla”.

Thank you so much!!

chilipeppr es muy bueno trabajando con tinyg pero también queremos trabajar con diferente tipos de hardware y no sabemos mucho de código así que necesitamos mucha ayuda.

@Get_Hands_Dirty this would mean that your Arduino Nano is not being seen by your Mac as a serial port. Are you able to see it on your mac in any other list as a serial port? Are you sure it’s plugged into your mac correctly with a data USB cable, i.e. not just a charging cable?

@jlauer Hello John, thank you for getting back to me. The cable should be fine because I already connected the laser machine with a windows pc and had things burned on Benbox.
The only ports I can see are those two.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Your OS isn’t showing the port from the photo you just posted, so that’s an OS thing, not a ChiliPeppr thing. Do you perhaps not have a driver for that FTDI chip?

@jlauer You are probably right. I just googled it and installed a driver but in the Terminal it keeps saying the same.

@jlauer I found that the chip is chinese and not a “real” arduino. Anyway, I could find the driver and got the usb server working. It is now recognized by CP. The problem now is that it says “Offline” on Grbl state. I chose other numbers differente from “115 200” and nothing happens. Do you know why it might be Offline?
missing/deleted image from Google+

@jlauer Do I need some .hex file to make it work? Where do I put that file inside CP?

mira si el IDE de arduino te reconoce el puerto?
prueba cargar en arduino nano algún código, con eso sabrás si arduino nano se puede comunicar con el puerto.

instalalo !!

mira si tienes algún problema con el puerto serial!

@Oleo_nunez Hola! Sou portuguesa e hablo un pouco de espanhol, a ver se me compreendes :wink:
Sim, o software de Arduino reconhece a porta usb. Pero no se como cargo um código para o arduino. Como lo hago?

@Oleo_nunez Y penso que o meu Arduino-chinese-fake no tem FTDI. Ha sido o fim del mundo para conseguir o driver correcto, pero ya está, I guess…

@Cristiana_Felgueiras that screenshot you posted shows you’re good to go on your device being connected. The fact that I’m seeing commands and output in the Serial Port Console window means you’re done there. Now your next problem is likely that you have a Grbl version that is not one that returns the same commands as ChiliPeppr expects. My guess is it’s some modified Grbl. That “Offline” goes away when that widget sees responses coming back in the expected format. Now, you could modify that widget to support your version of Grbl or you could reflash the firmware.

a mi también me gustaría que pudieses modificar el widget para que sea compatible con https://github.com/gnea/grbl-Mega y arduino mega 2560 porfavor.

@Cristiana_Felgueiras https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTmjy3uDhPg