Hi guys, am a mechanical engineering final year student.

Hi guys, am a mechanical engineering final year student. I supposed to work on a project. I found 3D printing amazing. I wanted to do something on 3D printing. But I couldn’t find or get anything useful to work on. Please give me any project ideas on 3D printing. Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you.

start with a case for your phone, regardless if it’s a smartphone or not. It’d be a great exercise both in the 3d modelling and for you to see the additive manufacturing’s process and uses.

Depends on how complex you want to make it. I have some idea but can’t disclose here. My idea involves an assembly. If that is what you are looking for…

just realized you said final year project… i guess the phone case is too simple… i’ll think of something else!

You could do a research project examining the effect of infill and shells on strength. I.e tensile testing printed samples and comparing the modulus at various fill percentages. You could then move on to different fill types.

You could do FEA on an opensource printer chassis and make recommendations for improving the stiffness, comparing aluminium extrusion based and threaded rod based.

You could design a multicoloured head using a motor or servo to rotate a central paddle that controls the feed out of the hotend.

You could go wild and work on a plastic recycling machine.

There are literally hundreds of projects that you could do that would get you a good grade and help the community.

im a senior in high school and for one of my projects in class im designing a more printable 3d printer its about 90% done and about 95% printable parts. A lot of people including my self think that full self replication is awesome!

How serious is your question? You haven’t yet replied, and looking back I think it’s odd you didn’t even present us the demands your school set on your project. As long as you don’t share such info, people can’t really help you in any useful way.

First of all, thank you so much for your responses. It’s really gratifying to see you guys will to help me. @Merijn_Hijmans am sorry for the delay in my reply. Caught held up with personal work. See here is were I stand. I know a few things about 3D printing. But seriously I don’t know where to start working. And I am still trying to figure it out. Well from the above comments I can get a vague picture of what I am getting myself into. Please go on. I really badly need to do something for my project work. My college grades hangs in this.
Well thank you so much for your responses.