Hi , good day everyone :) Can you suggest me a 5v DC battery

(jester salivio) #1

Hi , good day everyone :slight_smile:
Can you suggest me a 5v DC battery that can power up a 900 WS8212B , Arduino Mega and GSM module. In my previous work I used a power supply now i need is a back up battery so that , if ever the power is loss I can used the system until the power comeback . Thanks guys !

(Chris Parton) #2

I like to use a 2 or 3 cell LiPO battery with a buck converter to bring the voltage down. If you have 900 LEDs you’ll need a high capacity, high current battery (depending on what kind of effects you’re running).

(jester salivio) #3

My previous work requires 5v 60a ( using power supply) , I searched at internet but I only see batteries below 10A

(Marc MERLIN) #4

Sadly most lipo 5v converters are in the 10 A range, but you could use multiple to power portions of your strip

(Michael Aramini (MickyNuts)) #5

@jester_salivio I suggest an Pb battery high capacity. And an inverter. With this you can connect your power supply directly to 230v or 110 depending where is you home. Or an multiple of battery and a multiple of lm7805, Lm2596 or xl4016 or other buck converter. Flee Chinese module is generally poor quality. And choose a buck with possibility of fixing an radiator on it. 60amp generate to mush heat.

(Marc MERLIN) #6

@Michael_Aramini_Mick that’s bulky, heavy, and inefficient :slight_smile:

(Michael Aramini (MickyNuts)) #7

@Marc_MERLIN it’s OK. Is just one proposal. The Pb battery as long time and easy to recharge with solar panel and you can use only as relay if not have power line connecter. The buck converter is really the best choice but is more difficulte to make properly.

(jester salivio) #8

Thanks you guys for guiding me .

(jester salivio) #9

Thanks you guys for guiding me .

(Yves BAZIN) #10

@jester_salivio of you have the tools for it you could measure the actual consumption of your build. The maximum is 54A full with full brightness of all leds which is a lot. For instance If you power 900leds at the half of it you will not see major actual luminance difference and you will only need 30A when full white. And as you will have animation and stuff the average consumption should be far from 60a

(Mike Thornbury) #11

You could build a custom 18650 battery pack and use a bunch of TP4056 linear bms modules to handle charging, management and discharge. You would only be at 4.2V (fully charged) which is fine for the WS2812B (it has an internal constant-current converter, as long as you can deliver enough amps, you’re good). ,It’s a simple, safe and cost-effective solution. 50x TP4056’s are <$10, 10x ~6000mah 18650s about $100., some heat shrink and wire and connectors. You hot-glue the TP to the battery case, they are tiny.

There are good videos on YouTube of building custom battery packs with 18650s and TP4056’s.

(Michael Aramini (MickyNuts)) #12

@Mike_Thornbury 18650 50x 6000mah 100 dollars? 2dollar for battery? Is for no name and the capacity like poor. I have buyed no name battery. I never buy these battery again. The capacity announced is 2200mah for 3dollar. The real capacity tested with capacity meter is 650mah.

(Mike Thornbury) #13

@Michael_Aramini_Mick your purchase of poor batteries does not make my purchase of good batteries invalid.
Buy better batteries, from a reputable manufacturer

(Michael Aramini (MickyNuts)) #14

@Mike_Thornbury This is an opinion. I am not saying that your proposal is bad. I wonder where you buy 50battery of quality 6000mah for 1000 dollars.