Hi friends, i replace the "Zero Out" Button with Zero Save.

Hi friends, i replace the “Zero Out” Button with Zero Save. This button will save your zero position. GRBL calculates the offsets from machine origin and stores them in non-volatile memory (EEPROM). After hard reset or power off, home your machine and done. This are only a nice to have, i want to add ctrl+click feature to this button, but this widget catch all key events :slight_smile:



I forgot, you can test this feature here:

You may want to check out how the TinyG workspace does it. I think it has the best balance and supports the Work Coordinate Systems widget which shows which layer is active G54/G55/G56 etc.

I’d love to try tinyg2, with this GRBL Shield (http://www.ebay.de/itm/171907310448) … but needs a lot of time to prepare my machine to tinyg2. i’m too lazy :slight_smile:

Oh, I mean just pull up the workspace and see how it was done. You could just borrow lots of the code.

@jlauer understand, ok i will give a try :slight_smile:

this is fantastic! Thanks @Frank_Herrmann !