Hi Folks. Just wanted to apologise for making promises to share files or designs

Hi Folks. Just wanted to apologise for making promises to share files or designs and then failing to do so - I’m super busy at work right now and I had my CAD PC died so I couldn’t get Rhino fired up to export the relevant files. I’ve invested in a grunty 15" Macbook pro with VMware so I’ve got Rhino going again. As soon as I get the chance I’ll export all of my finished or work in progress designs to IGES/STEP and put them on Google drive.
@Sonex128 @Eclsnowman @Jarred_Baines

No rush. I would hate to think how long it would take me to get back online after a crash. My cad station is also my server and has 12 x 2tb hard drives in raid 6 and 4 ssd’s in raid 10. The initialization alone would kill me while waiting.

So are the build instructions still good on the website or are there updated ones? I’m excited for this thing.

@Eclsnowman jesus Eric. Apart from the crazy costs, how much storage do you need? What are you doing with such a beast?

Very good, I want to start over and I’m always in search of new features derived from Tantillus embrace.

@Mike_Brown the build instructions for Ingentis are still valid but I’d recommend the Eustathios design @Eclsnowman is following as it builds on the core concept of Ingentis with several improvements. The Ingentis belt drive produces lovely consistent layers, so I can’t quite recommend lead screws instead but they have the advantage of not letting the bed drop if the motor cuts out.

@Tim_Rastall I am the storage center for friends & family through crashplan (free peer to peer). Then I payed $130 for 4 years of crashplan hosted so it all backs up off site. I am kind of a collector so I have everything I ever downloaded since 1998. And I am a sucker for solid backups.

I have my server in raid, backup critical info to an onsite NAS, then redundant backup off site. You might describe me as neurotic on backup :slight_smile:

Heh, I actually downloaded a pirated version of Solidworks last night, and turns out it won’t install on a Non-SP1 pirated version of Windows 7…hah! Was gonna shorten those printed pieces, but instead I just borrowed some bolts from DM

Take your time.

Pfft - not good enough @Tim_Rastall !

Nah no pressure mate, so busy right now it takes me a week or so to even read my G+ notifications!

Sorry to hear bout the laptop - I’m really getting nervous about my NAS at home which has everything I’ve ever done on it, it’s probably time to take a page from @Eclsnowman 's book!

Good luck with the rescue operation Tim!