Hi folks, I'm looking for another "budget" FDM printer and thought I'd made a

(Jon Gritton) #1

Hi folks, I’m looking for another “budget” FDM printer and thought I’d made a decision, but now I’m confused. The printer must have a 300mm x 300mm build plate - and probably not larger as that probably won’t get used, so I was looking at the Creality CR-10S but… Firstly, I’m sure I saw somewhere that Creality were bringing out a printer that used a true E3D V6 hot end, something I’m really keen on, but I can’t find any details. Secondly, it looks like there’s a new version of the CR-10 on the horizon, but I can’t find any details or reviews.

Any recommendations or comments welcome.


(黒い楓(Spice)) #2

The CR10S is a solid choice, but please, for the love of God and yourself, don’t buy from GearBest. Order off of AliExpress or eBay. GB is infamous in the 3d printing community for being absolutely abysmal for ordering printers from. They delay shipments then tell you that can’t ship unless you cough out more money after you’ve already paid. It’s a shitshow.

(Jon Gritton) #3

@_Spice worth knowing, thanks.

(Griffin Paquette) #4

I’ve ordered two printers from them with zero issues. Never played that pricing game. Just buy it on a credit card if you’re worried

(Kyle Taylor) #5

I bought a CR-10 from Gearbest last year with zero issues. Took 3+ weeks for delivery.

(黒い楓(Spice)) #6

Ok, but even so, you can buy it on AliExpress from Creality themselves for less than this GB listing. And it’ll take less time.
Also just as a note, choosing the UK warehouse gets you the proper UK plug for it.

(Jon Gritton) #7

OK, problem solved, it’s on order from Amazon (UK). Should arrive tomorrow!