Hi Folks, i could use some help for an interview i am doing on

Hi Folks, i could use some help for an interview i am doing on Friday (me being interviewed this time) for german Television Show Nano (3Sat)

I will be an “expert” on 3d Printing around the topic of 3d Printed Guns and i don’t want to talk Bullshit nor encourage people to actually try and print Guns (because it’s illegal in Germany ^^)

So any news on Codys project and the Status Quo of the Liberator is highly appreciated.

(plus i hope they actually send the interview and don’t cut it out)

Stand them up. Don’t give them the fodder to work with. Don’t put yourself in that spotlight.

They are doing two parts - one is: on Guns printed and if that really is that much of danger / how the community thinks about it and the other part is about the chances of 3d Printing

I’ve just simply heard of at least 1 case where someone basically refused to talk about the gun->3d printing bit, and the network had to cancel that segment, and they filled it with junk. I’d rather people not hear about it, than people hear about it being a stupid idea. How many times (as a maker) were you told something was a stupid idea and you went ahead and did it anyways because someone told you it wouldn’t work?

Print a key…
security expert Australia… will change the security of every person that owns a lock from mum and dad to National security agencies all over the world.

Completely ignore the gun stuff (James Bond fired a bullet out of his ballpen years ago…) and talk about the possibilities that affect the audience, like skin/bones/organs out of 3d printers: http://webpaper.nzz.ch/2013/06/09/frontseite/KE0H4/3-d-drucker-produziert-haut-fuer-verletzte-kinder?guest_pass=fa49e67466:KE0H4:75f8b6977e51b9b6e924e57aea1b71697def1f56

The key idea is pretty neat. Get a nice loose lock, duplicate the key, open a lock on TV. Hah, will get them off the gun thing quickly. And you’ll be monitored by the NSA FO EVAH.

@ThantiK i see, good idea

@Gian-Peider_Moll that’s what the 2nd part will be all about.

So i tell them about it work but i still don’t see why one wants to print one and that criminals will get weapons, wether printed or bought anyway

Lol already are i would think…it works has been done spoken with a few agencies
3d guns i see only a tiny issue… printing high restricted security keys from a photo… !!! I love it…

If somebody wants a gun to use for a crime they will get it and most likely not a 3d printed one.

Yes, I need a gun… Okay I will go and buy a 3D Printer £500, now I have printed out all the fiddly parts and assembled them into a gun. A gun capable of only making one shot. Now I need a bullet! Oh dear I can’t print a bullet? I need to buy 1 from some dodgy dealer.

A better idea! Take my £500 and ask dodgy joe down the road if he can get me a gun and a couple of dozen bullets…

Now which is the more likely scenario?

Alternative scenario I have 3D Printer therefore I can print a gun and because I am the sort of person that has 3D Printer then I am the sort of person to do such a stupid thing, and then go and use it of course!

Is that what they are really saying/ thinking?

Here’s what I’d say - Even if you can 3D print a gun you shouldn’t. It’s not safe. You’re as likely to blow your arm off as fire it. Real guns are immune to product liability lawsuits (at least in the US) because they are inherently dangerous. 3D printed guns are more so. Meaning, if you do blow your arm off, don’t expect some big insurance check. Instead maybe work on printing prosthetics. Save your arm and help someone else replace theirs.

what about the gun being plastic and not being picked up by metal detectors… they’ll probably raise this as a concern, and not totally without merit?

They might cut the segment if you do not talk about guns. Bundle the answers with things that are positive. Example: “yes, 3d printed guns are possible as well as new hands for disabled children.”

Address the issue but bring it back to what you want to talk about.

If you want to make a gun you can do that in a typical garage with some minor tools. I don’t think we need to vilify 3d printing. This is a great technology and the last thing we need is for governments to push for limits on it.

Why don’t you design and build a Lego gun any 3 year old can put together and make the 3D printed gun press go away, or at least complain, worry or be mystified by that. And I worry way more about other “bad” things that could be printed or used to disguise “bad” devices.

From a control perspective, the most effective law at preventing violent gun related crime has been the waiting period for purchasing guns. Due to the nature of 3d printing this is built in. You cannot fire up the printer in the heat of the moment and have a ready to fire weapon. The Australian police(may be wrong on the country) made one to see what the buzz was about. It took 13 hours to print and when fire it exploded maiming the dummy shooter. It could have killed the target still.

All in all classic zip guns are scarier. This project has only been harmful to the image of 3d printing, and for that I hope it gets shut down.