Hi folks, I built my first FastLED based lamp.

Hi folks, I built my first FastLED based lamp. This lamp was built from a “fish lamp” , height around 100cm, diameter 10cm

Outside I glued a satinied foil. Inside I put an A1 white paper.

A 54 RGBLed stripe is used and controlled with an arduino nano. Via quadratur encoder it is possible to change brightness and/or pattern.
Hope you like the video.


Such kind of lamp is shown below (called Fishlamp or Waterlamp)

Nice re-use of the fish lamp. Diffusion works very well. Looks great!

Until somebody opens that door and knocks it over. :frowning:

@Scottie_D369 , I believe that’s just a example of the sort of fish lamp he used. The base looks a bit different then the one in his video.

Yes, the image is not my lamp, it’s only an example :grinning:. Will be honest, in Germany the lamp is called “Blasenlampe, Sprudellampe, Wassersäulenlampe,…” Not sure what is the real correct name :wink:

Lamp… The correct name is lamp. Your good. And awesome light diffusion.