Hi Folks! I am new here and have started ordering my parts for Herculien

Hi Folks!

I am new here and have started ordering my parts for Herculien build. Is there a forum where people can post build threads so that I can follow along ?

I have built a CNC machine for milling aluminum based on several designs and now interested in building a nice 3D printer. Herculien looks like a great design so I am all in!


Most everyone posts here in the google plus group. I have seen some posts on reddit. Also @Daniel_Salinas ​​ did a great job making an assembly guide. I still need to add to it: https://github.com/eclsnowman/HercuLien/blob/master/Documentation/README.md

But my new job just started so time will be tight in the coming months.

Thanks that document will be very helpful during my build.

I wish you luck Vic it’s quite a build

Thanks Derek, I have been wanting a 3D printer for quite some time now and have recently decided to build my own. I have seen all kinds of designs and I think this is one of the best one out there. Thanks to Eric and everyone here for providing all the information needed. For sure its going to be a big learning curve as I have no experience with 3D printing. I was thinking of attaching an extruder to my 10"x20" aluminum mill that is 350lbs but it will be painfully too slow to print anything useful. Plus the controller is really meant for CNC milling.

Can you link us to Daniel Salinas’s build? I never knew it exsisted.

Hi Derek, I have notice your from CSULB, I graduated as a 49er many years ago! GO BEACH!

Ya sitting in the USU now so close to being done…ive been here to long

LOL your lucky… after that you have to work! … fun times! Is the bowling alley still there? What you studying?

Oh I’m already working full time been doing it through school, already have a decent job. but ya the bowling alley is still here. Should graduate with a degree in business economics

@Gus_Montoya here is @Daniel_Salinas ​ got hub fork:https://github.com/imsplitbit/HercuLien?files=1

Also he has several post if you pull up his profile on g+

That reminds me I need to send a pull request on github for my door stay and electronics box

My apologies, I’m experiencing senior moment. He printed quad copter frames. I do recall now.