Hi folks, Here is my floating head for plasma.

Hi folks,

Here is my floating head for plasma. Anybody know how to program it in chilipeppr to work fine? Maybe there is already widget or macro but I didn’t find it. I have the possibility to set it up in mach 3, but I just want to stick with chilipeppr. So basically it touches the sheet before every cut until the limit switch is triggered, and then z axis goes up.

What gcode do you use to turn on the plasma cutter? Just a spindle on command? Or are you saying the z move turns it on?

As you said on my previous question, I’ll use spindle on/off comands for turning plasma. But here’s what other folks are doing with folating head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an5HYBQWTpg

Can I program chilipeppr to make this z axis movement everytime limit switch is triggered?

One of the solutions is to make homing cycle after every cut, and then send G28 commands. Maybe some macro can to that.

Could you write a macro to send a z move after every spindle on?
Essentially the macro would listen for a zlimit state, pause the gcode, turn on the spindle, jog up the z access, turn off the spindle, then unpause the gcode. This assumes that there is a method to send real-time jog commands to tinyg whilst in an alarm state.

If you have Gcode where it is just turning on the spindle where the plasma cutter should turn on, but you need to swap in Gcode to do that homing cycle in the video, then you could perhaps just write a macro that parses through each line of Gcode and replaces the M4/M5 with all the lines of Gcode needed to run that cycle. You could just use a probing command like what the Touch Plate widget uses.

You could also parse through your Gcode via a macro and swap in an M6 tool change just before each spindle on/off and then watch for the onPause tool change event in your macro. Send your Gcode sequences.

Or you could get fancier and parse through the Gcode and swap in a (chilipeppr_pause) command in your Gcode where each spindle on/off is. Watch this video to see how that might work. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JohnLauerGplus/posts/bs49FJpDmNd