Hi folks, Can somebody help me integrating this widget into grbl workspace?

Hi folks,

Can somebody help me integrating this widget into grbl workspace?

I searched source and found out it’s a workspace for tinyg, but I don’t know how to implement it in my workspace since theres no example code for chilipeppr.load() statement on github.


There is a youtube video eplaining that, you’ll find a link at the end of ChiliPeppr home page.

@ameen.nihad There is no chilipeppr.load() code from readme in github. Here’s the link

This widget has no runme.js, it might be an old widget that no longer work with current workspaces, not 100% sure.

This is an old widget that doesn’t follow the newer widget format, but the reality is this widget is defunct. I could never get it to work, but not because of the widget code, but due to the IR heat sensor PID loop not being fast/strong enough.

@jlauer I just need to turn on/off functions because I plan to mount plasma on my router. Arduino will be connected with relay which will turn on/off plasma torch. I forked this widget from jsfiddle and deleted these unnecessary functions, and I hope everything is working fine, but dont know how to put it in new workspace. I hope we can make this widget since everybody will be able to cut metal with plasma.

@Amer_Sarajlic I think the broader issue might be how you want to turn your plasma cutter on/off. Many folks just use coolant on/off or spindle on/off because it’s the simplest approach. The Laser Solderer widget was using a watching of a Z height to send a string command to an alternate serial port. This worked ok, but it had enough of a delay in the roundtrip of about 250 to 500ms that it wasn’t ideal. The nice thing about spindle or coolant on/off is that it’s immediate. If you need something fancier I suggest using the Cayenn protocol which extends the coolant on/off to support multiple devices. You can watch my video here of how this works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlHhcErWCDQ

I thing the solution is to fork the sample widget then add the functionality of your widget … just a matter of copy/paste. John might have a better solution.