Hi folks, Anybody got grbl workspace on github?

Hi folks,

Anybody got grbl workspace on github?

All github links are in the upper right corner triangle pull down menu of each widget and of the workspace. Unfortunately it looks like the Grbl workspace isn’t posting the Github links in that menu like the rest of the workspaces. Here’s the URL in the meantime: https://github.com/chilipeppr-grbl/workspace-grbl/

Thank you John so much. I read your js codes, and never been such amazed how everything is clear and descripted with comments. Recently I tried to make workspace load always the same g-code on startup, and then I saw that you made it to load last imporded g-code. I tried working with gcode and drag&drop widgets, but with 0 success. Maybe this is a trivial solution, but I’m not a programmer by profession. Is there an easy solution for this?

I would recommend you use the Macro widget and just create a startup macro. There are examples in that widget.